KF carefully cultivates and cares for the relationships that arise during production – with the stylist, and with each member of the team, bringing the garment from thought, to sketch, to runway. Clients rely on our interpretation to see sketches and designs and translate them to prototype pieces and ready-to-wear garments.

Our search for creativity and inspiration takes us around the world, exploring a range of designs, fashion trends, and art styles. Kantaoui Fashion employs project managers of the highest calibre, able to take on technical and managerial challenges across multiple cultures and in multiple languages – essential in today’s global fashion market.

Wherever the client goes, we go – the runways and shows from Paris to New York, from London to Milan, from the fitting rooms of the fashion house to seconds before stepping onto the runway.

We take pride in crafting the perfect solution to a designer’s request, and consider that our adaptability is our great strength. Even if it requires rearranging certain parts of the process, we rise to the challenge of adapting to our clients’ requirements.

Individual garments are crafted, step by step, with full collaboration between client and our skilled personnel, constantly searching for aesthetic and technical perfection.

Kantaoui Fashion makes our workshop a creative heart of the firm, making room for innovation and experimentation, and working with stylists on new prototype solutions. We are always ready to take on challenges, mix materials, experiment with shape and colour, scales and fur.

We allow the vision of the designers to drive the creative process, and give it space to develop. Our role is then to bring it into the world, crafting beautiful garments with flawless craftsmanship.