During the crucial patternmaking process, the drafters at Kantaoui Fashion maintain direct and frequent contact with the client from start to finish. We take extra care in matching each client with the specialized pattern maker that best suits their needs. The result: impeccable planning, impeccable execution and an impeccable finished product.

Forging this link between designer and pattern-maker creates a harmonious environment, teasing apart the elements of the garment and bringing the stylist’s vision into life. Kantaoui Fashion’s great strength is in the skills of our team, allowing each client to work with experts suited exactly to their requirements.

Both design and fitting stages can be carried out either at our location or with the client. We can draft patterns using CAD or using mannequins in the traditional haute couture way. With each step, the design is refined, seeking perfect drape and line for runway garments, and perfect construction and quality for ready-to-wear pieces.