Cut is what makes or breaks a garment, and the cutter is the key in ensuring that this exacting step is carried out successfully. Careful selection of larger hide pieces, comparing and contrasting colours, the length and texture of the fur, the size and shape of the scales. Each cut precise and in the correct, exact place.

We trust the process into the steady hands of our specialists: hands that bring together separate pieces of fur so that the length and hue match, scales and skins also; so they appear to be one continuous piece.

Kantaoui Fashion carefully chooses suppliers with the correct certifications, to ensure only the finest raw hides, furs and skins are used. With trusted suppliers, hide quality and correct animal treatment are guaranteed.

No matter which country the leather we use originates from, our rigorous quality inspections remain the same. Our trained specialists rely on artisanal experience to inspect the hides and skins, checking colouring, matching dyes, spotting which pieces can be combined into single garments. Kantaoui Fashion is happy to offer its combined expertise and talent to our clients.