To strengthen our Culture of Sustainable Development, Kantaoui Fashion is firmly committed to a process of improvement continuing aiming to satisfy all the expectations of interested parties (clients, collaborators, neighbours, suppliers…) and to comply with applicable requirements, especially regulations and norms.
Considering its clients as privileged partners and human capital as its principal resource, Kantaoui Fashion has voluntarily committed to a process of conformation to the quality, social and environmental standards ISO9001, SA8000 and ISO14001.


  • Quality
    – Improve the satisfaction and brand loyalty of our current customers.
    – Improve our responsiveness and our flexibility.
    – Ensure the efficiency of all of our processes.
  • Social
    – Respect international conventions in regards to human rights and respect for human dignity.
    – Ensure that our company does not become complicit in violating human rights.
    – Support freedom of association and recognise the right to collective bargaining.
    – Eliminate forced labour and forbid child labour.
    – Promote a safe and secure place of work.
    – Eliminate employment discrimination.
  • Environment
    – Minimise the impact of our activities on the environment;
    – Improve the culture of pollution prevention.

We ask all our staff, regardless of their position, to put these objectives and commitments into practice in their day-to-day work.
The Directorate is committed to supplying all the resources necessary for the successful implementation of this approach, to taking the appropriate measures to disseminate, communicate and review these commitments with all stakeholders and to ensuring that all those working on its behalf follow them, whether they are employees of Kantaoui Fashion or contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.